Assembly the Rising Demand for Father or mother Attorneys in Juvenile Safety Issues

Satisfying the growing demand for parental lawyers in matters of youth protection

Posted: Tuesday Feb 2nd 2021

To meet the growing demand for high quality parental, guardian and guardian legal representation in child protection matters, the Minnesota Justice Department has revised the qualification and training requirements for parenting attorneys to be more flexible and flexible as part of its Children’s Justice Initiative (CJI) program accessible online training provider. The following changes took effect on February 1, 2021:

  • Experience qualification: Lawyers who apply to be included in the list of qualified CHIPS parent lawyers based on their experience must have two years of experience. However, the requirement to have dealt with a certain number of cases during this period has been removed.
  • Supervision qualification: Lawyers who apply for inclusion in the list of qualified CHIPS Parent Lawyers on the basis of supervision no longer need to have a supervisory lawyer listed on the CHIPS List of Parent Lawyers (PAR). Supervisors may either be on the roster or be authorized to be on the roster to serve in that role.
  • Training qualification: Lawyers who want to apply for inclusion in the list of qualified CHIPS parent lawyers due to their training must complete a training course for core competencies, which is now defined in terms of content and no longer comprises the previous 18 hours. The revised core competency training may vary in terms of graduation time, but will likely add up to approximately 9.5 hours of core competency training in total.
  • further education: Parental advocates no longer have the additional obligation to report three further training points annually in connection with youth protection issues in order to remain in the PAR. Qualified attorneys will stay on the list as long as they meet the requirements that all attorneys have in order to retain their statutory license.

Qualified parental advocates who are already listed in the PAR as of February 1, 2021, do not need to take any additional measures to remain in the PAR, and they no longer have to submit annual proof of completing three hours of continuing education courses. Attorneys who were not in the PAR as of February 1, 2021 will need to meet one of the above revised qualifications before being added to the list. The Minnesota Justice Department also announced a new training provider to provide better access and flexibility to core competencies and ongoing training. Beginning February 1, 2021, the Mitchell Hamline Institute for the Reshaping of Child Protection (ITCP) will provide attorneys representing parents, guardians and guardians on youth protection issues with high quality, relevant, and accessible online training on core competencies during the year. The core competency training was approved by the state court administrator and meets all requirements of the existing guidelines and laws. For more information, see Quick Facts – Changes to Qualified Parent Attorney Requirements.

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