An lawyer sues her consumer over an allegedly unpaid invoice tied to the Rancho Cañada growth. | Native Information

Clint Eastwood’s longtime real estate development partner is being sued by one of his attorneys who claims the property developer failed to pay the bill he had piled up while she successfully represented him against a Carmel Valley Association lawsuit and appeals against the Rancho Cañada Apartments project.

Attorney Jacqueline Zischke sued Alan Williams, Rancho Cañada Venture LLC, and ACLS LLC – another limited liability company founded by Williams – in Monterey County Superior Court on July 9th. It’s the same jurisdiction that CVA denies the county and Williams 2017 sued after the Board of Supervisors approved the residential development with 130 units, changing the Carmel Valley master plan so that the development only had to offer 20 percent of the units as affordable, instead of the 50 percent that the master plan previously dictated.

Although the CVA won in local courts on May 19 and a judge told the county to revoke the project’s approval and amend the affordable housing ordinance, the 6th district appeals court overturned the decision.

In her complaint, Zischke states that her representation of Williams dates back to 2009, but that she reached an oral agreement in January 2017 to represent Williams and its LLCs against the CVA lawsuit; The oral agreement included an hourly rate for services that was adjusted from time to time.

In 2019 through the end of her tenure, that rate was $ 395 an hour for her, or $ 195 an hour for paralegal or clerk time. Her last bill through July 2, 2021 was $ 128,474.65 plus interest.

Zischke did not respond to a message in her office. Williams says the lawsuit is over the bill and hopes the two can reach an agreement.

“We have a controversial amount on the bill for services,” he says. “We’ve worked together for a long time and we’re trying to work this through. I don’t know whether we will come to an agreement. “

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