After Louisiana state trooper arrested in Black man’s beating, lawyer seeks extra investigations | Crime/Police

After Louisiana state trooper arrested in Black man's beating, lawyer seeks more investigations | Crime/Police

After a white Louisiana state police officer was arrested for excessive use of force during a confrontation with a black man in Monroe, the man’s lawyer said other officers were involved and should also be investigated.

State Police officials announced Thursday that 30-year-old soldier Jacob Brown was involved in an “incident involving the use of force” in May 2019, the latest in a series of racially motivated state police controversies.

An internal investigation opened in October this year after LSP was informed of a complaint of excessive use of force by an unnamed police officer. That investigation was closed to open a criminal investigation that resulted in Brown being charged with one count each of second-degree heavy battery and wrongdoing in office.

“Detectives learned that Brown took excessive and unjustifiable action during the incident and failed to report the use of force to his superiors,” said Lt. Nick Manale, State Police spokesman.

According to official sources, a state police soldier was arrested on Thursday who was charged with “excessive and unjustifiable acts” during an arrest last year.

Brown, a Troop F Soldier in Monroe, is still on administrative leave.

Manale would not provide any further details about this May 2019 encounter, citing pending criminal, civil and administrative proceedings. He said Friday that no other soldiers were involved in the incident.

The state police did not identify the victim. However, a lawyer for 45-year-old Aaron Larry Bowman said he was “senselessly beaten” by officials on May 30, 2019. Donecia Banks-Miley filed a lawsuit on behalf of Bowman in September of excessive police violence and misconduct.

Bowman says he was driving home when he noticed a white truck behind him that he believed was a law enforcement officer. The truck followed him to his house and into his driveway.

Officials from the Ouachita Township Sheriff’s Special Crimes Apprehension Team (SCAT) began questioning Bowman, who “had his hands in view … as he is familiar with the process,” the lawsuit said. SCAT is made up of officers from various law enforcement agencies, including the State Police. The lawsuit names the agencies that make up the team as defendants.

During the interrogation, one of the officers opened Bowman’s car door and asked if he had “something about him”, which Bowman claimed was “drugs or weapons”. After telling them he didn’t have one, Bowman said officials pulled him out of his vehicle when more law enforcement officers arrived on site.

Bowman claims he was then “pulled face down to the ground and officers hit and kicked him,” the lawsuit said. He also says that he did not resist the officers, but they kept beating him.

He suffered “multiple cuts,” including “a cut on the top of his head, a broken arm and broken ribs,” according to the lawsuit. His head wound required several stitches.

Banks-Miley provided a photo of Bowman in the hospital, clearly showing a sewn head wound.

Click here for a photo of Bowman’s head injury. WARNING: This image is graphic.

Officials were unable to find any illegal drugs or weapons during the search, the lawsuit said. An ambulance came and took Bowman to a hospital for treatment.

Bowman was “never arrested for local criminal activity,” according to the lawsuit. Instead, the officers received an arrest warrant for [Bowman]A few days after the incident. Its bond issue was set at $ 4,650, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit also states that Bowman’s girlfriend witnessed the incident. She claims she didn’t see Bowman resist during the attack.

Banks-Miley said Thursday evening that due to the number of officers involved, she expected further arrests in the incident.

“Of course we’re glad we’re going in the right direction, but we believe there will be more arrests,” she said. “We believe there are more officers involved, if not in the direct blows of Mr. Bowman, definitely in the cover-up … the failure to report.”

Banks-Miley released a press release following the State Police announcement on Thursday demanding both “body camera footage and the full accountability of all officials … who either participated in the unjustified beatings of Mr. Bowman or who conspired to commit the incident.” cover up by failing to do so. ” report the actions of the officers involved. ”

After several protests against Black Lives Matter in Baton Rouge, activists and lawyers have put their demands at the highest level of state government.

The original complaint named only one law enforcement officer – a deputy of the Ouachita Township Sheriff’s Office – and unnamed SCAT officials because Bowman was unable to identify everyone involved in the alleged attack. Banks-Miley said Brown’s name will be added to the complaint once it is identified.

“We hope to bring full justice to Mr. Bowman and will continue to fight in this hideous battle against police brutality,” she said in the press release.

Bowman, a dialysis patient, continued to suffer both physically and mentally from the attack, Banks-Miley said.

“As soon as you talk about it, he cries and just relives,” she said. “We’re trying to get him the help he wants.”

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Family members this week watched long-classified body camera video of a black man who died in custody by the Louisiana State Police …

Brown’s arrest is the latest in a series of scandals to grapple with state police in recent months. Many of them have often been associated with a failure or delay in disciplinary action or investigations by state police officers.

Twenty days before Bowman’s alleged beating, Ronald Greene, another black man in his forties, died in police custody after meeting officers from the same force as Brown. While soldiers initially attributed his death to injuries sustained in a crash following police chase in Monroe, Greene’s family denied this report in a civil case that alleged Greene was beaten to death.

Federal investigators have launched a civil rights investigation into the encounter, and one of the soldiers involved in the incident, who later died in a car accident, was given leave several months after the family filed the lawsuit.

State Police have also faced recent allegations of racist language and feelings among soldiers, charges against a soldier after shooting an unarmed teenage boy in a traffic obstruction, and in a fatal car accident involving the son of the former state police superintendent.

A black Louisiana State Police soldier was on hiatus when his cell phone buzzed with an unusual voice message. It was from a white co …

This superintendent, Col. Kevin Reeves, abruptly retired in October, shortly after news of the Greene investigation broke out. Governor John Bel Edwards said in the retirement announcement that Reeves had been planning to retire since last year. After Greene’s death, there had been loud and public outcry over Reeves’ resignation.

Kevin Reeves, Louisiana State Police chief, is out after more than three years as a leading agency

The Louisiana State Police chief is due to retire this week after more than three years in office and after a series of …

Reeves was replaced by Col. Lamar Davis, the agency’s fourth black superintendent and a native of Baton Rouge.

Davis issued a statement Thursday following the announcement of Brown’s arrest reiterating the importance of “public trust and responsibility” to law enforcement.

“We owe a fair and timely response not only to the public we serve, but also to the dedicated men and women in our department,” he said.

After more than two decades with the Louisiana State Police – a career that spanned a variety of areas from traffic patrols to intelligence departments …

A grand jury on Thursday indicted a Louisiana police officer for shooting an unarmed teenager two years ago. She said she was wrong about firing him.


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