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3M Earplug Lawsuit surpasses asbestos as one of the largest multiple district litigation in history

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American conglomerate 3M, known for making security and other devices for various industries, is now making headlines as litigation erupts in multiple districts in Florida. 3M has been accused of manufacturing a faulty earplug that has been used by American troops for over a decade. Many soldiers who used this earplug suffered from hearing loss and tinnitus.

Why is Florida in the center?

A 2019 study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs found that Florida had the third largest number of military personnel who served in wars in any state after September 11th between 30% and 50%. higher number of members per capita than the national average. Florida also ranks 3rd in the country when it comes to the most veterans. Given the palpable presence of active and former military personnel, it makes sense for Florida courts to bring a variety of lawsuits against 3M.

3Ms claims it will not accept the allegations of developing a faulty earbud, which the deal with the DOJ of $ 9.1 million in 2018 will disprove it. This hasn’t stopped lawyers from filing lawsuits. The U.S. judicial panel for litigation with multiple counties states in its 2020 fiscal year report that it can confirm an inflow of more than 200,000 lawsuits against 3M over the design of the faulty earbud. This makes the multi-county litigation the largest in recent United States history. To put these statistics in perspective, the Asbestos-MDL, which previously held this title, received around 186,000 lawsuits. Unlike the 3M lawsuit, it took the asbestos lawsuit more than a decade to become the largest MDL. The 3M MDL lawsuit lasted only a year.

What was the 3M design debacle?

In 2007, 3M announced the acquisition of Aearo Technologies Inc., a manufacturer that sold the double-ended earbuds to the US military between 2003 and 2015 to provide soldiers with full or partial protection from loud noises. The theoretical design allowed soldiers to have hearing protection while either listening to commands or completely muffling loud noises during gunfights. Initial tests revealed that the end of the earplug designed for full protection achieved a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) that hovered in the NRR range for the side that allowed soldiers to hear commands, making it clear that not enough noise was blocked. Worse, the side with less protection achieved an NRR of -2, which meant that the noise soldiers were exposed to was actually amplified.

After reviewing these results, 3M determined that the root of this problem was that the stem of the earplug was too short. Since the earplug was symmetrical, this affected both sides. 3M rigged assembly procedures to achieve an acceptable rating on the fully protected side, but did not test the side known to amplify the noise and sold the product accordingly. Not only did 3M fail to tell the military that one side would actually increase the noise, but it also failed to explain to the military how the other side must be equipped to function properly. In other words, 3M appeared to be selling a faulty earplug that did not adequately protect American soldiers’ ears.

If you have hearing loss and / or tinnitus, served in the U.S. military or the reserves between 2003 and 2015, or were a DOD contractor during the same period and you may have used the Dual-Ended Combat Arms Earplug (CAEv2) while on duty You are entitled to compensation.

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