Former U.S. Judge Breaks Her Silence:

If Your Legal Forms Aren’t Updated For 2020, You Could Be Slapped With A Warning Letter On January 1 (And That’s Just The Beginning…)

What Can Happen To You?

Major changes are happening in the world of website compliance, starting January 1, 2014. Should your website be found in breach of federal or state laws (more on that in a minute), any of the following could happen to you:

(It’s no wonder so many people, including at least one of the
most famous internet marketers on the planet, are forced to file
bankruptcy after getting pulled through the legal wringer!)

Your Legal Documents Solution Should Do Three Things Very Well


Provide You With Solid Legal Documents, Drafted and Reviewed by a Practicing Attorney

Most of what I see — the “legal forms” and the generic language on website builders — falls into the “easy to create and connect” category…but contain alarming mistakes or omissions.


Be Easy to Create and Connect with your Websites

There are a few attorneys out there who are marketing their documents, but they typically lack the technical muscle to provide their customers with helpful tools that speed up and innovate the tedious process of customizing and deploying their documents.


Be Updated as Policies, Laws, and Regulations Change

And it’s rare when these legal products hit the marketplace and I see any meaningful document updates circulate from the authors.

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